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Homework help - resources for students 

The new national industrial relations system

As a brief overview:

The national industrial relations system (governed by the Fair Work Act)

Covers private sector workers in all states except Western Australia.

A guide for young workers provide information on the national industrial relations system for young workers.

To find out more about how industrial relations laws relate to NSW visit NSW Industrial Relations.

For more information on the new national industrial relations system call the Fair Work Ombudsman on 13 13 94.

Jargon busters

What does the term 'industrial relations' mean? What is a penalty rate? These and other related terms are defined for you in the Jargon Busters.


History of industrial relations in Australia and New South Wales

Australia has a long and interesting history in terms of industrial relations. The following sites have information explaining the key events:

Internet Guides to Industrial Relations


Other resources:

  • ACTU Worksite (Your rights at work for students) - This site has topics such as the Harvester judgement - the first wage fixing system in Australia, Get your First job ready eBook, Test your know-how and Workplace issues.
  • Don't forget your school/college/university library as a source of information, or your local public library.