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Work experience or volunteer work 

There is a difference between completing a work experience program and working a trial or probation period in a job.

Work experience programs are usually conducted through a registered educational training organisation - like a school, TAFE or university and are legal.

The purpose of work experience is for students to observe other workers and gain experience in the workplace.

Often work experience programs are integrated with vocational training courses.

A business can't ask you to work as a volunteer. They must pay you for the work that you do.

It is possible to work as a volunteer for a 'not for profit' organisation, such as a charity, and not be paid for the work you do.

Remember, if you are offered a casual or part-time job and your employer asks you to work a trial or probation period, you must be paid for any work you do - don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

Unpaid trial work is illegal.