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A traineeship is a great way to gain workplace experience!

Trainees undertake on-the-job work (usually four days per week) as well as training provided by a college or other training provider (usually one day each week). In some cases the training is provided on the job. Make sure you understand the training arrangements that apply to you.

If you want to check the arrangements of your traineeship, you can contact the State Training Services on 13 28 11.

All trainees are employed under an appropriate award or an approved enterprise agreement and receive the benefits set out in these documents.

Pay rates

Trainees should be paid a wage that reflects the time they spend at work and in training.

These wages can vary according to the industry in which they are employed, the stage they have reached and the skills they have acquired.

To find out your traineeship wage, you can contact the Fair Work Infoline on 13 13 94.

For more information visit the State Training Services website.