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School-based apprenticeships 

NSW school students can now start a part-time apprenticeship while enrolled in the Higher School Certificate (HSC) from the end of Year 10.

The types of apprenticeships available are in the automotive, metals and engineering, commercial cookery, electro technology and construction industries.

Further details about how these apprenticeships work can be found on the State Training Services website.

Pay rates

As a general rule the hourly rate paid to school-based apprentices is calculated by dividing the usual apprenticeship award weekly rate by 38.

If apprentices are doing the HSC full-time they will be paid for actual hours worked plus 25% in lieu of payment for time spent at school in off-the-job training. Check the appropriate award for more details.

Wages should be increased to the next level of pay after two years if the school-based apprentice meets the relevant training requirements.

School-based apprentices are entitled to all the conditions of full-time apprentices but on a pro-rata basis.

If you are not sure which award applies to your school-based apprenticeship, contact the Fair Work Infoline on 13 13 94 or visit Fair Work Ombudsman.