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Preparing your resume 

When you start to look for a job, you first need to write a resume (sometimes called your curriculum vitae or CV).

This should outline your qualifications, skills and experience so that a potential employer knows something about your background and achievements before they interview you.

It's a good idea to write your resume before you start job hunting and then keep it up-to-date with all the new skills and experience you gain with each job you do.

If you are coming straight from school and haven't worked before, you should include in your resume any skills, experiences or achievements that reflect you as a person - this will highlight the positive things you can offer a potential employer.

Things like:

  • School or community awards you have received
  • Involvement in activities - such as the school band, footy team or choir
  • Work experience you have completed while at school
  • Any membership of a club, association or local community organisation.

You will also need to include your referees.