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Considering an apprenticeship 

Becoming an apprentice is a great way to turn a specific interest or talent that you have into a full-time job. As an apprentice you get to work in the industry 4 days a week and one day a week you attend TAFE as part of your 5 day working week. In some cases, you can also start your apprenticeship while still at school. Talk to your careers adviser about this possibility.

Your employer would be responsible for registering you as an apprentice.

Your responsibilities

As an apprentice you'll have certain responsibilities including:

  • attending training sessions at TAFE
  • completing all assignments and other assessments set by TAFE
  • maintaining a record book or work evidence guide
  • obeying all instructions given by your employer in the workplace
  • following the training plan to ensure you obtain your qualifications.

Probationary period

If you accept an apprenticeship, you'll be put on a three-month probation period which:

  • gives time for both you and your employer to determine your suitability to the trade
  • allows your employer to assess you on the job
  • lets your employer review your performance during the probation period.