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Sample resignation letter 

Here is a sample of the type of information that you may wish to include in your letter of resignation. Remember to fill in all the dates.




Your full name


Your address


Your suburb state postcode


Telephone/mobile number








Mr/Ms (name of your boss/manager or other contact person)


Job title


Company name


Street address


Suburb state postcode




Dear (name of your boss/manager or other contact person – put Sir/Madam if you don't know their details)





I wish to inform you that I will be resigning from my job as a (your job title), on (date). I will finish my employment (notice period – eg one week) from this date.



I have accepted another position that will further develop my skills. (Optional – you can give your reason for leaving if appropriate).



Working with the company has allowed me to gain important knowledge/skills over the last (period you have been with the company).



I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the opportunity to work with your company.



Yours sincerely




(your signature)

(your name printed)