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Resigning from your job 

If you want to leave your job (resign) you may do so by simply telling your boss you are leaving.


But, to avoid any misunderstanding between you and your boss, it is best to put your resignation in writing.


This provides a written record of the date you gave notice to your employer that you were going to leave and your intended last day of employment – this will make sure there is no confusion!


Giving notice


To be fair to your employer it is important to let them know that you intend to leave, so that they can start to make arrangements to replace you.


Also, most awards and agreements require you to provide your employer with some notice that you intend to leave, so make sure you check your award or agreement to ensure that you meet these requirements as part of your employment conditions.


This is important because if you don't give the required notice, your employer has the right to withhold the amount of notice pay from any monies due to you!


Notice periods not covered by awards should be set out in your employment contract.


When you resign from a job, you should also be paid for any accrued annual leave that may be owing to you.


Certificate of service


If you are terminated by your employer, ask them for your Employment Separation Certificate. This will provide you with a written record of when you started and finished the job and the nature of your work. This form is a requirement for when you visit Centrelink and can be very handy to show future employers.