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Your pay slip 

By law your employer must provide you with a pay slip each time you are paid.

The pay slip must contain the following information:

  • the name of the employer
  • the Australian Business Number (ABN) (if any) of the employer 
  • the employee’s name
  • the date of payment
  • the pay period (e.g. 24/3/11 to 30/3/11) 
  • the gross (before tax) and net (after tax) amount of pay 
  • any loadings, monetary allowances, bonuses, incentive-based payments, penalty rates or other entitlements paid that can be singled out
  • if the employee is paid an hourly rate - the ordinary hourly pay rate and number of hours worked at that rate and the amount of pay at that rate 
  • if the employee is paid an annual rate (salary) - the rate as at the last day in the pay period 
  • any deductions made from an employee's pay, including the amount and details of each deduction (including superannuation) including the name and number of the fund or account the deductions are paid into 
  • if you are required to pay superannuation contributions for an employee’s benefit, you should include:

o    the amount of each superannuation contribution made during the period to which the pay slip relates, or the amounts of contributions that you are liable to make; and

o    the name or the name and number of the superannuation fund you put or will put superannuation contributions into.