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Working as an apprentice 

Your responsibilities and rights as an apprentice

As an apprentice you should:

  • record the times you work
  • record your break time (to ensure you are not having this pay deducted without taking the breaks)
  • ensure you are paid for meeting and training sessions
  • ensure you are getting a tool allowance if you are entitled to one and if you supply your own tools.

To find out more about "Tools for your Trade" contact State Training Service on 132 811.

As an apprentice your responsibilities include:

  • attending training sessions at TAFE
  • completing all assignments and other assessments set by TAFE
  • maintaining a record book or work evidence guide
  • obeying all instructions given by your employer in the workplace
  • following the training plan to ensure you obtain your qualifications
  • be on time for work
  • wear proper safety equipment and uniforms when required.

Resolving disputes

If difficulties arise between you and your employer, the local State Training Services should be contacted immediately. A training advisor can visit your workplace to discuss the issues, give advice and attempt to resolve the dispute.

You can also contact the State Training Services if you feel there is a problem with the apprenticeship.