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Part-time work 

Part-time employees work a regular number of hours each week, although less than full-time employees.

As a part-time employee you would generally receive the flat hourly equivalent of the normal full-time rate and all, or most, of the benefits of a full-time employee - but on a proportional or 'pro-rata' basis.

You must receive the following 'pro-rata' entitlements

  • annual leave – a part-time employee still receives four weeks annual leave per year but it is paid based on their part-time weekly wage
  • annual leave on stopping work (known as termination of employment) – if a part-time employee stops working in a job and has not taken all their annual leave or has not completed a full 12 months of employment, they are due a proportionate amount of annual leave when finishing
  • Personal Carer's leave - a part-time employee will receive Personal Carer's leave (sick leave) leave entitlements on a proportional basis (e.g. if the employee works 3 days a week they will receive 3/5 of the full-time sick leave entitlement).

You can check your award and the hourly rate you should be paid by contacting the Fair Work Infoline on 13 13 94 or visit Fair Work Online [Fair Work Ombudsman].

The benefits of working part-time

Some of the benefits of part-time employment include:

  • access to paid leave (Personal Carer's leave, annual etc.) within predetermined minimum entitlements
  • a guarantee of regular and rostered weekly hours that should not be altered without notice
  • a guarantee of weekly earnings that allow for budgeting and access to loans from financial institutions
  • access to minimum notice requirements for termination, redundancy, change of rostered hours etc.