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On the job tips 

The following tips may seem obvious, but it is definitely a case of first impressions do count when starting a new job.

Be on time!

It will be expected that you will be on time, so do whatever is necessary to make sure that you arrive on or before the agreed starting time.

This may mean that you get things ready for your first day (clothes, lunch etc) the night before.

Make sure you plan how you are going to get to work and if using public transport check timetables, the route and the address details.

Ask questions

Find out about your job. Learn about where you are working as well as making an effort to master any equipment, software and other tools used in the job.

There may be manuals, written procedures or other resources available at your work that will help you.

When at work… work!

Let's face the facts. You are being paid to work, so don't get distracted by personal matters. Keep personal phone calls until lunch or other break times.

Know the rules!

Most workplaces have policies covering things like occupational health and safety, internet use and taking of breaks. Make sure you know the rules of your workplace – and stick to them!