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Keep a work diary 

It is a good idea to keep a work diary as a record of events that you may need to refer to at sometime in the future, especially if you feel you are being underpaid or are having problems at work.

You should record:

  • start and finish times
  • what exactly was the work you were doing
  • any leave taken
  • who you worked with (supervisor, other workers)
  • any critical or unwanted incidents (harassment, equipment breakdown, unsafe work situations)
  • important conversations
  • work-related expenses
  • significant workplace achievements and events.

Get into the habit! 

To be effective you need to record the information on the day it happens and do not change or alter it (in case it needs to be used as evidence at a later date in the case of critical or unwanted incidents).

It is also important to keep your pay slips and all work-related correspondence between you and your employer in a safe place.