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Full-time work 

Full-time work requires you to work 38 hours per week and receive wages and other employment conditions identified in your award or agreement.

Full-time workers must receive paid annual leave and paid personal carere's leave (sick leave).

You may be paid allowances for doing certain tasks, overtime pay for working outside your regular hours or penalty rates for working nights, weekends or public holidays. 

For more information on award rates of pay, contact the Fair Work Infoline on 13 13 94 or visit Fair Work Online [Fair Work Ombudsman]

The benefits of working full-time

Some of the benefits of full-time employment include:

  • access to paid leave (personal carer's leave, holiday etc.)
  • a guarantee of regular and rostered weekly hours that should not be altered without notice
  • a guarantee of weekly earnings that allows for budgeting and access to loans from financial institutions
  • access to minimum notice requirements for termination, redundancy, change of rostered hours etc.